Commercialisez votre Prose comme les Pros avec le nouveau Gestionnaire de Remises


This week, we introduced a powerful new tool to help authors sell more books on the most profitable sales channel: The new discount manager gives you the opportunity to set discount prices on your books from our website, either in the publishing wizard or directly from the « My Lulu » dashboard.

With this tool, you set the book price of your book as you have always done, then you set a discounted sales price that will be displayed next to the list price. It is a powerful marketing tool whose effectiveness is recognized by many companies to attract potential buyers.

The feature opens a world of innovative marketing operations – for example, you can create seasonal promotional events or campaigns, or change prices quickly to compete with mainstream or freelance books.

The key element is that you retain control over the price and that you can further adjust the discounts as much and as often as you like.

We have developed this tool for you and thanks to you. You’ve asked for this flexibility option to optimize your marketing efforts and reach more buyers.

This is the goal of authors around the world. Technology makes publishing always easier. But getting readers interested – and getting them to buy – after the hard work you’ve done to complete your book remains a significant challenge.

Helping authors sell more books is the highest priority here at Lulu. That’s why we created the Rebate Manager and that’s why a few weeks ago we upgraded our eBook tool to distribute eBooks in all versions on the Apple iBookstore and all reading devices that we will support in the future.

This strategy is already bearing fruit. The first week after the launch of our new digital book tool, our authors sold nearly three times as many books compared to the previous week. The following week, total sales again nearly doubled. This translates into thousands of dollars in additional revenue for Lulu writers – a trend that continues.

Even if we are not completely satisfied, the discount manager, the new version digital book wizard and all the other tools we have created, provide a solid foundation for the authors’ success.

Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon on Lulu, which will help you sell even more books.

You will not be disappointed !

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